Is life with your dog stressful?

Do you struggle with training your dog?

Have you tried other dog trainers or methods that had no lasting results?

Would you like for your dog to be amazing and the envy of the neighborhood?

Your dog can learn not to jump on your guests, to walk politely on-leash, to come when called, and so much more. We can help dogs of any age, any breed and any size.

Our proven training methods are based on gentle, easy to use methods that WORK! We can help with most behavior problems in the FIRST lesson. However, the best benefit of our training programs are that we teach YOU how to work with your dog!

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Here’s a review from one of our clients.

“Danny’s experience and expertise are superior. His knowledge of subject matter regarding dog training is vast and he is more than willing to answer any questions which definitely demonstrated his passion for dog training! He is very patient and confident with both my pit bull and my boxer. I was relieved and felt very lucky to find a trainer who would agree to tackle training a pit bull. In our very first conversation he assured me he would accept any breed, any size. He has definitely lived up to the challenge. After watching him interact with my dogs I am very impressed. He is prompt in returning my calls and emails, this has been such a positive experience I will definitely be bragging about it to all my friends and family. I did choose to do the private lessons versus a 2 week board and train so even though I have to travel to meet with Danny it’s worth the effort. I am completely satisfied with both the service and the customer catering provided.” - Destiny T.