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  • Is life with your dog stressful?
  • Do you struggle with training your dog?
  • Have you tried other dog trainers or methods that had no lasting results?
  • Would you like for your dog to be amazing and the envy of the neighborhood?
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    Your dog can learn not to jump on your guests, to walk politely on-leash, to come when called, and so much more. We can help dogs of any age, any breed and any size. We can help by teaching your dog to be the most obedient confident dog ever. With our training your dog will learn to be confident under heavy distractions. Your dog can be so obedient and confident that you can take them with your pretty much wherever you go! Your dog will learn not to jump on anyone, to not pull on the leash when walking, to stay calm when guests come over, to not bite, dig or any other bad behaviors your dog may have.


    Our proven training methods are based on gentle, easy to use methods that WORK! We can help with most behavior problems in the FIRST lesson. However, the best benefit of our training programs are that we teach YOU how to work with your dog! We GUARANTEE our work. Using balanced training we will give your dog the best opportunity to have a rewarding confident life. It will give them the ability to have the freedom of being Off Leash and reliable to your commands. You will no longer have to struggle and get frustrated with your dog. Off Leash K9 Training Texas are your premier Fort Worth Dog Trainers. We serve the Dallas Fort Worth and surrounding areas.


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