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 Danny Vose “Your Fort Worth Dog Trainer”

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vose_bio_picDanny Vose is the owner and head trainer at Off-Leash K9 Training, Dallas.  Danny is an experienced and active Law Enforcement K9 Handler who works with his partner, who is dual purpose (narcotics and patrol) Belgian Malinois.

He can’t remember a time while growing up that a dog wasn’t part of the family. His passion for dogs has transcended from family life into his law enforcement career with the addition of his K9 partner and now his desire to help others by professionally training their family pets. It is his firm belief that a well trained dog creates a happy owner as well as a happy pet.

Danny brings a lot of experience to the table, with a diverse style of training ranging from regular household dogs to police working dogs.  Through his own experience with his canine partner, Danny has learned that training with your dog deepens the bond and trust between owner and pet and helps to define the expectations between the two.

Not only does our training give you a better relationship with your dog, but it also gives you a dog that responds outside, off-leash, with military/police precision in realistic environments.

Danny wants to share his knowledge gained from his extensive training and utilize his cutting edge skills to help form a brand new relationship between owners and their pets.

If you want your dog to be just like the 700+ dogs in our YouTube videos, call or email us today.

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